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Rafael Guastavino ‘s universe

RAFAEL GUASTAVINO MORENO The architect of New York Eccentric, adventurous, not very farsighted and with a literal quirk. Rafael Guastavino ,the Spanish architect who at his 40 years of age, decided to leave his hometown of Valencia to encourage an adventure to New York. He did not speak...

2016-03-27 16.49.20

Wales and the hidden waterfalls

In our last adventure, Bessie the bus, our lovable Volkswagen LT 28,  took us on a four days trip around the south of Wales for our Easter's bank holidays. On the haunt of wild magical landscapes , enigmatic waterfalls  and beautiful walks that unfolds the...

2016-02-02 17.24.02

The counter – exodus

The advent of the industrial era saw the mass movement of people from the country to the city. In seek of work, they joined the treadmill and their connections with the natural world began to fade. After many generations, we have become accustomed to life in...