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The counter – exodus

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The advent of the industrial era saw the mass movement of people from the country to the city. In seek of work, they joined the treadmill and their connections with the natural world began to fade.

After many generations, we have become accustomed to life in the city. Accustomed to a speed of life too fast to have time to stop and think, or even to notice the changing of the seasons. Accustomed to the worship of money, to a culture fuelled by greed, which knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Accustomed to existing within an urban sprawl of concrete blocks and glass towers, manicured front gardens the only sign of greenery.

Yet this is not in our nature. For many, this way of life feels claustrophobic and restrictive. It does not allow them to lead the lives they want to lead. To set their spirits free.

That is why people are beginning to do things differently. There is a counter-exodus taking place, as urban-dwellers leave the city to re-connect with nature.

These people recognise that a restoring the connection between nature and the human spirit allows them to live happy and fulfilled lives. Living, cooking, learning and being outdoors brings something primal – something which cannot be measured the way a salary can – the nourishment of the soul.

By Thomas Sasse.

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