Paddington Pergola - The Bearded Butler
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Paddington Pergola

Paddington Pergola,

A four weeks monster build challenge for The Bearded Butler team.

According to some researchers, it  can be one of the biggest pergolas in Europe.

This is a both architectural and technical achievement where The Bearded Butler had to put into practice the latests techniques to deliver great results.

For these four weeks a  team of professionals worked side by side to deliver this highly profile site. Some moments were really challenging and testing, like everything special and ultimately amazing, this was a real technical endeavour, it felt like a very challenging process for this plane to take off and fly in the sky safely.

Located at the heart of Silicon Valley in Paddington, The Pergola shines in the hub with its copper cladding , beautiful bespoke furniture and the unique alfresco / industrial style finish achieved.