Services - The Bearded Butler
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Event Production

Having experience with a plethora of different formats, concepts, venues and disciplines we have proven our flexibility and ability to adapt to any project.

Above all our social conscience has made us the first choice for many brands, event companies and developers, as they begin to work towards a sustainable future.

We are proud not only to deliver the highest standard in production and creativity in events, especially the trailblazing festival, club and music industry, but also our experiential concept work for brands in food and beverage, FMCG, fashion and lifestyle.

Concept Interiors / Exteriors

We are highly regarded in the commercial and residential property industry. As specialists in natural products and green design, we are hired not only for our professionalism, but our creative vision.


Restaurant Look / Revamps

Warehouse Renovations

Fittings : Reclaimed floor installations

Bespoke furniture / artefacts.

Foot Soldiers  

The Bearded Butler is renowned for our support and supply of our hand-picked network of professional craftsmen and artisans, whose care, passion, experience and meticulous attention to detail is applied to every project, daring to defy the ordinary and consistently developing the unique visions of our clients.



Set Builders / Designers

Scenic painters

All skilled labourers

Private Transportation

The Bearded Butler also offers private transportation for the logistics division of festivals and music brands. From heavy goods to a man in a van, a service that offers full build and breakdown for events or careful transportation of high value goods.